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    e-P Summit 2020 by Pitti Immagine 21 ott., Milano, La Pelota Live Event + Live Stream

    8° edizione

    “Since 2013, e-P Summit has become Italy’s leading fashion & innovation event. Each year that we produce this highly-anticipated annual meetup, it seems like innovation through digital, tech and culture only ever becomes more important to fashion and retail. Yet here we are now in 2020, looking ahead with hope, and it feels that our need to innovate in this industry has never been more vitalal.

    Our key ambition has always been to provide the e-P Summit and wider Pitti Immagine community with actionable takeaways after one efficient day of conference content. That’s why we drive huge efforts into scouting incredible editorial insight: from fresh voices to established global companies that can truly inspire you and your businesses to lead. Arguably, leadership is another quality that has never felt more crucial in today’s market and by networking with an exceptional group of international professionals, we hope to support you in pioneering necessary change within your business.

    e-P Summit welcomes C-suite executives, top strategists, digital experts, investors, journalists and inventive start-ups all under one roof. The 2020 edition promises to be a future-forward day packed with agenda-setting strategies. What’s for sure is that innovation never looks back, so join us later this year as we continue to look ahead.” Raffaello Napoleone, Amministratore Delegato, Pitti Immagine

    Il tema di quest’anno sarà INNOVATION RESET con un’agenda strutturata in 3 capitoli principali: CULTURE, COMMERCE, ACTION.

    Tutte le informazioni sono disponibili online su – L’evento si terrà in inglese, poiché platea a speaker sono internazionali – con traduzione simultanea all’italiano.

    NOTA: Fashion Brand + (e)-retailer sarà sufficiente scrivete una mail per ricevere il vostro free pass!

    La location

    e-P Summit 2020 si terrà a La Pelota, Via Palermo, 10 – 20139 Milano e verrà trasmesso in streaming su