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    About PENELOPE

    History for aesthetic choices. The story of aesthetic choices. The aesthetics of choice. Three aspects that represent the verb of Roberta Valentini's work in the Fashion sector. Roberta Valentini draws on and expresses the traces given in the personal vision of “Penelope”.

    40 years of frontier activism to lean over the parapet of design and draw the maps of an image in the making. Its history intertwined with the trends of costume and the arts in general, in a sort of excursion between fashion and its communication, through the interdisciplinarity of the different experiences of "beauty" and its derivatives.

    Our location

    Penelope Via Antonio Gramsci, 16/A Brescia (BS)get direction
    Penelope Sposa Via Antonio Gramsci, 10 Brescia (BS)get direction
    Boysloft Via XX Settembre, 28 Brescia (BS)get direction