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    Rooted in the heart of the walls of Lucca, Mode Mignon, is without a doubt among the best keepers of fashion secrets in the city. This large and spacious emporium first opened its doors in 1970, quickly becoming a top-notch destination for both fashion gurus and the occasional fashion curious.

    Appreciated for the wide assortment of the most renowned brands in the Italian fashion scene, Mode Mignon over the years has focused on offering exceptional models. These are selected from a wide range of brands, such as to ensure quality and a pinch for each new season. of effervescence.

    Mode Mignon encourages its clients to explore the multitude of its stylists, to mix and match them to create their own personalized wardrobe. Anna Martini, a woman with a special intuition for Italian fashion, is the mind that manages to prune this beautiful showroom. Making it the right destination for those women and men who want to browse, have an advise or simply enter and be inspired. This is probably one of the most avant-garde fashion boutiques in town. New emerging designers juxtaposed shoulder to shoulder together with the already known and loved big names. It is a place that is as refined as it is style, infused with the smell of expensive fine leather, dominated, row by row, shelf after shelf, of Italian masterpieces meticulously chosen one by one.

    Our location

    MODE MIGNON - Piazza Bernardini, 3, 55100 Lucca, LU, Italiaget direction