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    About IL DUOMO

    Il Duomo boutique was founded in 1985 in an elegant neoclassical building, built in the square where the cathedral of Novara rises, from which it takes the name. The location, born from the fervent creativity of Vittorio Gregotti, was the subject of a recent restyling commissioned by Ercole Cellini, who in 2017 took over the boutique from the Greppi family. Carrying on a family tradition closely linked to the world of fashion retail, Ercole chose to write a new chapter in the history of Il Duomo, starting with a rebranding for the women’s selection and the introduction of a space completely dedicated to menswear, continuing with the launch of the e-commerce site and with the landing of the brand on social networks.

    The renovation could not fail to pass even for the spaces, designed by Mauro Galantino, architect responsible for the City Life district in Milan, which, while respecting the harmony of the original architectural layout, today assumes a more dynamic, functional and contemporary allure.An area of 550 square meters and eleven showcases overlooking the central square, they lend themselves between marble and mirrors, bringing out garments and accessories from the latest collections of the most important brands of the world scene.

    The Ercole's passion, handed down from mother and grandmother, owners of a network of 12 multibrands between Cagliari ald Costa Smeralda, has been fueled over the years by studies and love for experimentation and research.

    The perfect mix of intuiton, the innovative spirit, careful observation of new media, but also respect for the DNA of the boutique, have meant that in recent times il Duomo has become not only a point of reference for historical customers, but also for millenials constantly  looking for news. The secret lies in the balanced presence of iconic and consolidated brands, such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Missoni and Max Mara, and trendy brands that appear in the most recent fashion scenarios , such as The Attico, GCDS, Martin Rose, Craig Green and Martin Serre. Ercole and his teal, made up of young enthousiastes and attentive to the development of new trends, have laid a foundation for Il Duomo to be, today more than ever, a solid and innovative reality within the vast Italian panorama of luxury fashion retail.

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    IL DUOMO Piazza della Repubblica, 8 - 28100 Novara (NO)get direction
    IL DUOMO Rue du Dr Paccard, 171 - 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (NO)get direction

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