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    About IL CORTILE

    Il Cortile was founded in 1978 in Novara. The location is a palace of the eighteenth century, famous for its arches of a pretentious Rococo, destined to become an immediate symbol of the company.

    Modestina Antonini, born in 1948, a talented entrepreneur, is the founder of the boutique.

    Since then, Il Cortile has made its way, and in 1979 opened the second store in Novara, focused on men's collections, and in 1981 the third, with the second collections of the main maison, in great demand at the time.

    Refinement, style and quality are the fundamental values that animate these stores. Nothing is left to chance, each item is chosen with particular attention, to offer customers the ultimate in luxury and elegance, with a targeted selection of products to satisfy a public that over the years has become increasingly diversified and stratified.

    So the decision to open an e-commerce site, Il Cortile Shop.

    Not just an e-commerce site, then, but a carefully managed portal, where nothing is left to chance and each item proposed is presented with the same attention that it would receive in a luxury boutique.


    Our location

    Il Cortile Donna Corso Cavour, 9/A Novara get direction
    Il Cortile Uomo Via Omar, 11 Novara get direction
    Il Cortile Accessorio Via Bianchini, 4 Novara get direction

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