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    About GAUDENZI

    Gaudenzi stands out as a leader in the proposal of international fashion brands through a careful selection of clothing and accessories.

    The advent of Web 2.0 has allowed dialogue with an even more international audience thanks to the website. In this new global perspective, the goal is to reaffirm an out of the ordinary shopping experience by extending the focus not only to new trends, but also to smaller customers with a new dedicated sales point.

    Research and selection are the cardinal points that have always guided, and still guide, the Gaudenzi proposal; in fact, enjoying a privileged point of view (Riccione and Cattolica represent one of the most important crossroads for the Italian summer nightlife and beyond) the continuous renewal, albeit remaining firmly tied to one's identity, is a primary necessity. In the stores distributed on the Riviera, as well as online, customers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in all the most current trends mixed with the freshness and young appeal that befits a tourist resort located on the sea, without sacrificing sophistication composite and varied.


    Our location

    Gaudenzi Ravenna Via Diaz, 16 Ravenna (RA)get direction
    GAUDENZI 11 Viale Nievo, 11 Riccione (RN)get direction
    GAUDENZI Uomo Viale Ceccarini, 5 Riccione (RN)get direction
    GAUDENZI Viale Bovio, 74 Cattolica (RN)get direction
    GAUDENZI Spot Via Mancini C., 10 Cattolica (RN)get direction
    GAUDENZI Kids Viale Ceccarini, 10 Riccione (RN)get direction

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