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    About GALIANO

    Galiano was founded in 1925 as a laboratory of handmade footwear.

    A renowned Neapolitan company, Galiano has reached the third generation of entrepreneurs with Raffaele and Gregorio  Galiano. Driven by great initiative, passion and far-sightedness, the two brothers have consolidated the family business by expanding to the clothing industry developing a dynamic and advanced reality with eight stores located in the territory of Naples. The attention to its customers and the work ethic have made Galiano a milestone in the industry.

    The successes achieved thanks to the boutiques are only the beginning of a long journey that today also passes through the web, the place where the online shop came to life, an initiative in turmoil, the daughter of an entrepreneurial spirit that never pulls the brakes. The know-how developed through decades of off-line experience, is transferred to the web feeding a participating and expanded community. Galiano's mood and attitude thus cross the borders of Campania to play new games in new markets, with the audacity and determination that has always distinguished it.

    Our location

    Boutique Galiano Via Calabritto, 1F Napoli (CE)get direction
    Boutique Galiano - Uomo Via Aviere Mario Pirozzi, 72 Giugliano in Campania (NA)get direction
    Boutique Galiano - Donna Via Aviere Mario Pirozzi, 72 Giugliano in Campania (NA)get direction
    Boutique Galiano Via Roma, 16 Aversa ( CE)get direction
    Boutique Galiano Via Roma, 59 Giugliano in Campania ( CE)get direction
    Boutique Galiano Acanfora Vico Sant Aniello, 28 Sorrento (NA)get direction

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