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    A noble family of Habsburg stock with elegance in their DNA. Perhaps predictable given the origins, but the current generation of the Kraler, Franz, his wife Daniela and their son Alexander have that rare and innate flair for absolute beauty.

    Franz grew up breathing culture and rigor. From this refined climate his first luxury store was born. A beacon of fashion for the north-east region and subsequently a point of reference also throughout the country.

    Daniela and Alexander are the heart and mind of a dynasty that has revolutionized the concept of luxury in South Tyrol (and beyond). Starting with the prestigious Franz Kraler headquarters, "Il castello", obtained from the annex of the famous Grand Hotel Dobbiaco. The summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph, which houses the most glamorous international brands, selected with great taste and dedicated to fashion lovers.

    Tradition, rigor, luxury and determination are the keywords of the Kralers. Furthermore, the customer is always at the top of the pyramid, both in the Dobbiaco and Cortina stores.


    In the Franz Kraler stores there are no architectural barriers and there are spaces dedicated to relaxation, conviviality, children and even four-legged friends, but not only. Those who ride a horse in Dobbiaco and are attracted by the sparkling shop windows, can leave the steed in dedicated areas and enter the temple of fashion. In Cortina, on the other hand, in the two shops in Corso Italia, that overlook “Piazzetta Kraler”, we find the space dedicated to men, women and accessories and the one dedicated to children. The new Franz Kraler space in Corso Italia 92 was born in the historic Ritz Saddler headquarters. Seven windows in the most central and prestigious position of the shopping street par excellence.

    Over time, the family shops have evolved and the different environments, increasingly versatile, intertwine art, fashion and culture. The new project created for "Castello Di Dobbiaco" sees large multi-purpose sizes integrated into structures and territory, but completely independent, with large glass surfaces that enhance the excellence of haute couture garments as works of art. The current reality is in the 2000 square meters of exhibition space between Cortina, Bolzano and Dobbiaco. Management and logistics offices express a strong roots in the territory and a complex know-how, that allows management and expansion of spaces to adapt quickly to any type of need and give rise to an increasingly ambitious future.

    Our location

    FRANZ KRALER DONNA Corso Italia, 119/127 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)get direction
    FRANZ KRALER UOMO Corso Italia, 111 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)get direction
    FRANZ KRALER KIDS Corso Italia , 92 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)get direction
    FRANZ KRALER Via Dolomiti, 46 Dobbiaco (BZ)get direction
    FRANZ KRALER via Della Mostra, 1 Bolzano (BZ)get direction

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