The Zappieri Group, which today has over 100 professional collaborators and a highly specialized international network, was born in the 1960s from the idea of ​​the founder SanzioZappieri. From the dawn to today, the Group has represented and distributed brands of the caliber of Christian Dior, Moschino, Valentino and Donna Karan. Over the years, Zappieri has been able to adapt perfectly to market needs, preventing the evolution underway in the fashion world prematurely, creating consulting offices and deeply specialized technical and commercial services. The Group still stands out for its ability to identify emerging brands, plan and implement their appropriate distribution on a global scale. The strength of the group lies in the creation of synergies between the markets, in concrete support for the optimization of the collections and in the protection of the national and international territory through six branches located in the most prestigious locations.

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