In order to see into the future and to meet the demands of the most up-and-coming and high-end brands, the ones which will revolutionize the market by breaking all the rules, we present WFYLAB, the very essence of research, with its ability to imagine evolution which only the new course of distribution, together with innovative sales strategies, can truly penetrate.
WFYLAB is an extremely dynamic lab, led by a group of talented professionals; they have the ability to capture and design new forms of buying, by working within a platform that explores at 360 degrees every single possibility of retail, marketing and services with WFINT and WFCOMM, the latest project from Wivian’s Factory Group.
This means to explore the endless aspects of the fashion world, in order to sense what is going to happen, by following every customer closely, step by step.
logo WFY LAB
- Via dell'Aprica, 14/a - 20158 Milano (MI)get direction