PROFESSIONALISM, RESEARCH AND INNOVATION Research is their creed, the desire to better touch Italian production and the world is the mission of the showroom council. Welcome to the Panorama Moda multibrand, a space that smacks of both design and glamor. Panorama Moda, a historical name, a reality that opened its first office in Milan in 1997, thanks to the intuition of Biagio and Nello Lubrano. Now, alongside the two leaders, also the second generation of fashion explorers, Francesco, Biagio’s son. The strength of teamwork is the other more than the showroom: the staff, those faithful collaborators who, well organized by geographic areas and lines, offer more than forty brands per season. DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES Panorama Moda acts as a reference point in business strategies, in representation, sales and distribution actions. The positioning of the product, the knowledge of the territory, the consolidation of the business and the new commercial opportunities are the basis of the methodology followed by the Panorama Moda showroom to support both the needs of customers and those of partner companies. In summary, the approach that has always characterized the choices focuses on the possibility of daring support for its customers by sharing their market policies.

PANORAMA MODA- VIA MORIMONDO, 21 - 20143 Milano (MI)get direction