Known since 1926 for its lightness and excellent organoleptic characteristics, since the nineties it has also been an expression of Italian design, thanks to its unmistakable “Gocce” bottle, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Still an icon of style. Distributed in the retail, and door to door channels, it is available in a complete range of glass and pet formats.

S.Bernardo represented the perfect union of quality, tradition and elegance. Its source originates in the Maritime Alps, an altitude of 1,300 m, in a healthy and unspoiled environment.

From May 2015 it became part of the Montecristo Group. San Bernardo: long Italian tradition of quality and style. The Montecristo Group was born from the union of two Italian families, Biella and Colombo, from leading sectors in the mineral water and beverage sector.