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    About Global Blue

    Global Blue is a precursor to the Tax Free Shopping concept, which it introduced 40 years ago. Through a process of continuous innovation, it now plays a strategic role as a leading partner in technology and payments, allowing retailers to improve their performance and shoppers to improve their store experience. In particular, for wholesalers, Global Blue offers itself as a privileged showcase to increase awareness and awareness.   Global Blue offers innovative solutions in three different industries:
    • Tax Free Shopping: Helps retailers in over 300,000 stores efficiently manage 35 million Tax Free Shopping transactions per year with its fully integrated in-house technology platform. Its industry-leading digital Tax Free shopper solutions create a more effective customer experience.
    • Payment Services: Provides technology and payment solutions that allow buyers a better customer experience. They enable hotels and retailers to offer value-added services for 31 million payments per year at 130,000 contact points.
    • RetailTech: Offers retailers new technology solutions, including digital receipts and eCommerce returns, that can be easily integrated with their systems and that allow them to optimize and digitize their processes throughout the "customer journey" omnichannel, both in store and online.
    In addition, data provides strategic advice to help retailers identify opportunities for growth, providing tools that increase traffic, turning it into business opportunities.