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    About Federazione Moda Italia

    Federazione Moda Italia is the most important business representation of the Fashion sector in Italy established in 1949. According to the art. 2 of the Statute, with reference to the sectoral areas recognized by Confcommercio-Imprese for Italy, the Federazione Moda Italia constitutes the unitary national representation system of the entrepreneurial subjects that carry out the activities of the retail and wholesale trade of the Fashion sector (and therefore clothing, underwear, footwear, leather goods). It also includes accessories, home textiles and sporting goods, and also in activities adjacent to or similar to these. These activities are recognized in the values โ€‹โ€‹of the market and of competition, of the social responsibility of the business activity and of the service provided to citizens, consumers and users, pursuant to art. 13 of the confederal Statute. It protects and represents the social and economic interests of operators at national level. It provides information, training, assistance and consultancy services, in line with the needs of economic development, qualification and support.

    Our location

    FEDERAZIONE MODA ITALIIA Corso Venezia, 53 - 20121 Milano (MI)get direction