From black to the brightest colors like yellow and pink, Vivetta’s surrealism transforms the city of Milan during fashion week into a fairy tale. We find applications of hearts and butterflies on dresses, delicate fabrics like organza and silk and gentle accessories that give the models a fairy-tale touch. It is a tribute to the surrealism of the 1920s and we find inspiration also in the 50s and 60s for the fluffy and feminine silhouettes.

The fil rouge of the entire Vivetta collection is dream and surrealism, where the models look like porcelain dolls framed by delightful accessories. Small flowers decorate and frame the faces of young women. Dresses with soft and fluctuating features envelop the bodies. White stockings and simple but striking shoes bring the models back to an almost bucolic appearance.

The ss2020 fashion show that took place in Milan was amazing, pure surrealism where once again Vivetta’s creative elegance stands out. It seemed to be inside a fairy tale, almost remembered Alice in wonderland. Dresses with applied satin hearts, hats with the face of a cat, dressed in soft colors and fluorescent parade on the catwalk with white sculptures that make it even more surreal. Light colors dominate the show giving the models an angelic charm.