The new course by Frankie Morello bears the signature of Damir Doma, the eclectic Croatian designer at the first trial as creative director of the Milanese label.
A completely different spirit compared to the codes of Frankie Morello, which Doma has undertaken to rewrite by injecting new blood, made of pragmatism and refinement. Of sharp contrasts and impalpable nuances. The spring-summer for him and her is built around four keywords: bold, urban, sensual, and ironic.
These are the pillars of the new spirit of Frankie Morello according to Doma and the result is quite amazing, looking like a perfect blend between the introspective attitude of the art director and the bold soul of the brand.
A perfect mixture well reflected in the prints such as in the surgical cuts of the fabrics, in the full, decisive, round volumes, as in the colors: the blues, the painted denim, the fuchsia and the mocha, the lacquered white of the liquid paint. Contrasts that cancel each other out in prints. Then the very special mosquito hats, with visor and retina. “I had this idea of ​​the city man and woman walking in the desert and on the beach,” explains the designer.
Something surprising such as the glitter makeup that the designer admits he has chosen because “it was fun.” And in the end, what emerges from this collection, it’s a pleasure of playing the fashion game without losing, at the same time, the interest for the inner reality.