“The person comes before the garment he wears” this is the motto of fashion designer Daniela Gregis. The Italian designer breaks the rules of fashion shows and never presents herself to the public at the end of her shows, rather she prefers to show off numerous seamstresses who, thanks to work clothes, thank and distribute handmade cookies.

It is an absolutely sacred place the one chosen by Daniela Gregis for her SS 2020 fashion show. It is the marvelous and famous oratioro of the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, one of the oldest churches in Milan. The fashion shows by Daniela Gregis tell a fashion without solemnity, full of spirituality, like the place where it takes place. Every step of the model frees the bit of romantic mystery of Gregis’ dresses, which are chaste but colorful, modern but steeped in history. A complicated simplicity that manages to give this brand a unique touch. This fashion show was able to make the viewer leave bringing them to rediscover simplicity and naturalness.

Humble but absolutely cool clothes parade whose colors recall the earth and genuineness. Simple textures and soft colors dress models, and even models, of all ages. The background of the parade is a blue sky with large outside paintings to remind us of the origin and simplicity of the brilliant Daniela Gregis collection.