The N°21 hybrid fashion show where gender preconceptions are abolished

The N°21 FW 20-21 collection offers a new vision of men’s clothing. As at any show, the designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua manages to amaze us by bringing his unconventional and unique research to the catwalk. His research is aimed at exploring new ways of dressing based on the principles of freedom and hybridization. The preconceptions of ash are abolished to celebrate a new type of identity. Overcoming these preconceptions also means imagining a new male figure and form that incorporates sensuality and charm. It is a research that wants to go against the approval and that examines new possible and unusual paths.

The sensuality mentioned above is found primarily with sweaters. Alessandro Dell’Acqua tries to make winter sweaters sexy. Create sweaters with animal prints and patterns, which have always been a symbol of aggressive sensuality or create wool sweaters to create an unexpected nude look. In fact, we see models that wear fully covering sweaters in front and non-existent behind. We also see this game of nakedness and sensuality through camel-colored jackets and trench coats, through shirts that incorporate deconstructed ties and knitwear. All worn exclusively with boots with a high sole.

We find in this parade of N°21 a bourgeoisie tempted by sin.