Launched ten years ago, MSGM has made a name for itself in the crowded clothing market and is now distributed in over 500 multi-brand stores with a strong presence abroad. When he created his brand in 2009, in full crisis of the markets, the designer Massimo Giorgetti did not lack courage and in recent years the brand has been able to earn the deserved recognition.

In this Milan fashion week, to celebrate the ten years of the brand, MSGM has chosen as a location the outdoor garden of the La Triennale museum in Milan. The spring summer 2020 collection was held on a showy acid green catwalk that reminds of the well-groomed futuristic golf courses. The show begins with a sequence of soft colors mixed with fluorescent looks; light jackets and coats are combined with shirts and tops with maxi bows of fabric, also combined with denim shorts. Pierced knitwear items are characterized by large collars, soft ruffles and high elastic knit belts.

Floral prints alternate with more abstract and refined motifs, with diagonal stripes, tie-dye and the designs of stylized women. Preceded by a series of single-color lace outfits, combined with white sneakers, the final looks are a triumph of long and very long fringes on one-shoulder dresses, bouclé jackets, tops and foulard skirts.

Seasonal accessories include raffia sandals with high or flat heels, woven bags and printed maxi shopping bags.