SHIRTAPORTER is always able to differentiate itself and be recognized

Elisabetta Pinali and Alessia Delaini, who after countless years of experience in the sector decide to combine their peculiarities to develop a collection that season by season it is renewed embracing styles and worlds that have not yet been explored. The womenswear brand bets on silk as a strong brand identity, with which to differentiate and be recognized: exclusive prints and made-in-Italy manufacturing, almost handcrafted. The look to the past is revealed in a classic femininity that seems to be recovered from furnishings found in the attic, but also from the 50s and the folk inspiration of the 30s, in embroidery, jewelry, and trimmings. Modernity translates into oversized prints, unusual stratifications and the play of contrasts with a strong character, united in the metropolitan style. It boasts about 200 total customers divided between Italy, Germany, and France, not to mention the main e-commerce. It is an innovative but classic brand ready to consolidate its presence in the European territory and to conquer the American and Asian markets in the shortest possible time.