“Mood Odyssey”: an unexpected way in which Danilo Paura wants to represent the future

A metaphysical and futuristic journey gave life to Danilo Paura’s fall / winter 2020 collection, which as always amazed us by creating an amazing show. “Mood Odyssey” is a name that recalls both the “journey” in an introspective sense through the clash and encounter of different inspirations and moods, and the figure of the Greek hero, able to always find new solutions thanks to forces of one’s will and exploration of one’s own mind.

To translate this mental shipwreck into fashion, the brand starts from a small capsule collection of Gildan products, as if it were a white sheet, then continues with the nylon puffer that has a spatial pattern and a reversible construction, up to t-shirts and sweatshirts accentuated only by the tone-on-tone embroidery of the Phobos, which also becomes a monogram motif on the lining of a completely waterproof coat thanks to the partnership with Molinelli. But the protagonist of the fashion show is definitely knitwear, developed through different techniques.

Throughout the show, the brand eliminates the mere concepts of tailoring and streetwear, focusing on an ode to Made in Italy and a tribute to the artistic roots of Magna Graecia that are now revived in the contemporary world.