«Gli abiti siamo noi» Vanity Fair with The Best Shops and Rinascente

Vanity Fair, in collaboration with Rinascente and Camera Buyer Italia – The Best Shops, organizes a digital flashmob in support of the latest issue published under the title “Gli Abiti Siamo Noi” aka “We are the clothes”.

Vanity Fair dedicates the new issue to the fashion system and ignites the debate on a world behind which is hidden love, passion and humanity that the magazine went to discover, in search of beauty, not only to let Italians know about a cultural wealth that it is often forgotten, but above all to raise political awareness.

«In the past, admittedly, just very few politicians have contributed to its protection.» said editor in chief Simone Marchetti. keep reading.

In support of the cause, salespeople from all over Italy, from The Best Shops and Rinascente joined their voices to say that “we are the clothes”.