One of the most important novelty of 2019 in the Italian fashion world is the rebirth and complete rebranding of Frankie Morello. The Milanese brand is projected into a future that takes considerable distances from what the Italian fashion house represented in the past, both aesthetically and commercially. Starting with discontinuing its stores in places that are hardly frequented and not strategic, Frankie Morello will re-open in selected locations in the hopes of a greater diffusion of the brand, which will be able thanks to an extended visibility to an audience that differs from the former community of the brand’s customers. How? Damir Doma, the brand’s new designer, who will head the design department to make more fresh, innovative and contemporary collections. The first collection of this new era will be presented during Milan Women’s Fashion Week, Friday 20 September 2019. The collection, named “Soul Researchers” is inspired by this desire for rebirth that branches off into every aspect that makes up the brand identity.