During this glittering Milan Fashion Week there are many emerging brands that give a touch of novelty to the world of fashion.Angel Chen’s Parade has stupidly presented the public with an innovative and refined collection.Splashes of paint in softened neon colours gave an artistic look to pieces of whitened street-savvy denim, including unisex jackets and sloppy trousers, while light nylon gave a sense of lightness to sporty styles, including windbreakers and sporty trousers with cargo pockets, but also to more unexpected designs, such as the curtain dress inspired by the parachute punctuated by cords.Denim is on display, cyclist’s shorts appear, black peaks and neon details introduce a total look of multicoloured tassels. The effect is maxi. Here and there Chen’s playful stylistic signature emerges, adding psychedelic vibrations and dragon teeth to the shoes, an eclectic mix of sneakers and mules. There are chunky shoes and wide stretches on majestic hats. Experimentation becomes tactile and the spotlight is on a new Swedish fabric, Dyneema composite fabric, impalpable, shiny and waterproof.

For his second fashion show, 28-year-old Marco Rambaldi imagined a liberated woman embracing the errors of life. On the catwalk, everything suggests a journey, between denim and bags to carry on the shoulder. The must-have is a simple coat held together by a single rope, to be worn over a ribbed knitwear dress.

News, Eco-sustainability and Originality. This is how the soul of Tiziano Guardini can be synthetically represented, a young and talented Fashion Designer who loves nature and fashion, apparently antithetical contexts but on the contrary very well harmonized in his creations. In this fashion show for the SS2019 presented at the Fashion Week in Milan, we find stripes and colored motifs that give the show a touch of simplicity and uniqueness.