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    MILAN, Tortona district

    In conjunction with the next edition of the White Show (MILAN, Tortona district, 19th-22nd September 2019), the event promoters have launched a special publishing project called #WhiteBuyerspills, with the participation of the buyers attending the show.

    The aim of the project will be to gather their direct testimony, opening a glance at the background of the fashion industry. Through a series of 60-second mini clips, buyers will explain their daily activities, revealing the secrets of the art of selecting and choosing brands and fashion products, talking about the evolution of the market and how the great issue of sustainability is impacting on their choices and on those of the industry in general.

    Each interview, with a cinematic slant and subtitled in English, will be published on the official channels of the event and on White’s website, with dedicated hashtags and tags.

    The first clip to be released is the one starring our Beppe Angiolini, member of the board of Camera Buyer Italia (CBI) and honorary president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, as well as owner of the luxury Boutique Sugar, in Arezzo.

    Within this first interesting video interview, Beppe Angolini, starting from a reflection on the Contemporary, reveals the essential characteristics that must permeate a successful brand and the working method that every buyer should do his own, to be able to achieve a significant impact on the market.

    Beppe Angiolini_White