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  • CBI 20th Anniversary – Where fashion meets taste and pleasure

    CBI 20th Anniversary – Where fashion meets taste and pleasure

    The table was set and illuminated by a very warm, inviting light. It seemed the prelude to a meal of sharing not only of food but of stories and impressions. Many candles, white tablecloths and placemats and sweets or snacks on shelves from which you can choose small bites while steaming dishes arrived. All in the midst of a perimeter of lush green plants that seemed to come from some forest, illuminated in orange. What previously recalled delicacy and purity, turns delicately into a banquet where arms cross and glasses clink between laughter.

    warm greetings at the entrance, hands intertwined in the listening phase that unfold in warm applause after the speeches, it was clear that they felt questioned and part of a large family, there was Alessandro Preziosi joking and mingling with other people.

    Many people were adorned with bright or velvety fabrics and that elegance of the evening, a lot of handbags, the hands that came out of the suits waved to talk about what I believe is not just a job, but an effervescent passion, made of shares, opinions and then slowly the body moves and posture changes stiffness, every little setting is dissolved to let loose on the track.