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    New season, new beginning. New start, new bag!

    It is a bag, the first gift in the welcome bag that Camera Buyer Italia, like every season, gives to its buyers as a wish for a good fashion week!

    GCDS is the chosen one: disruptive and lively is the GCDS logoed plexi bag with gold chain, given in four different shades: fluo pink, fluo green, fluo orange and transparent.

    Following in the wake of the disruptive, Supe Design takes its iconic mega-zip and transforms it into a fun impact keychain. Honorable mention for Supe, who dressed the CBI staff during this wonderful fashion week with its super comfortable sacoche.

    Continuing on accessories, it is the turn of Inverni, a historic family that has been creating high quality hats for generations while respecting tradition. Inverni offers us a magnificent blue wool beret.

    RRD instead reverses the route of accessories, traveling towards fragrances and culture. It is Driftwood, a wonderful home fragrance that smells of branches carried by the sea, on the beach, in addition to “Navigando da solo, intorno al mondo” book by Joshua Slocum, which tells his story as a naturalized American Canadian captain, who passes great part of his life surfing the sea and discovering the good and bad deeds.

    Speaking of seas and waters, it is OOF Wear that will save us from the winter rains with its comfortable, practical and contemporary-cut black raincoat.

    Going back to accessories, in particular to key-holders, Parajumpers creates a key-holder carabiner in raw steel, with the yellow cord with a young and streetwear mood.

    It is the turn of Duno, a Florentine outerwear brand, which together with Supe Design has dressed the CBI staff. Duno, in detail, created white coats with the customization of #FashionForPlanet, an event organized to celebrate the association’s twentieth anniversary.

    Fashion shows, traffic, could CBI not cheer up the downtime of moving between the Milanese fashion locations of its buyers? Style Magazine and HUB Style rush to the rescue.

    An honorable mention for our partners;

    First of all, thanks to DXG Packaging for its wonderful creations. For this fashion week, in addition to the welcome bag for CBI buyers, it also produced bags for the association’s twentieth anniversary, in particular for the #FashionForPlanet event and CBI customized cushions for the transport van for CBI buyers.

    A special thanks to our water partner Auara, “water to change the world”, the only water producer whose origins go entirely to support ethical projects, a real social company. Moreover, with completely recycled and recyclable packaging.

    Thanks also to Modem Online, for its always updated fashion-guides.

    Last but not least, thank you very much to Guzzini for providing us with the #FashionForPlanet customized re-usable silver bottles exclusively for the CBI twentieth anniversary dinner, sponsored by our partner Planet Payments.