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  • What will happen to us?

    What will happen to us?

    What will happen to us? How has it changed and how will our lives change? What losses and what growth is our economy suffering?

    Although many have considered them guilty of what is happening to us Italians we can only learn from China, we can observe the changes it has undergone in this period of quarantine and expect the same things to happen to us. During the quarantine in China, the companies focused on the e-commerce that recorded a dramatic increase, we saw an implementation of streaming platforms and the conversations all spilled over on social media. The cosmetics sector has grown as women now have time and can devote themselves to themselves. Companies have tended to continue to maintain contact with customers by putting pressure on technology above all.

    Think about it is not what’s happening to us too? The number of online orders is definitely growing. Objects, games, cosmetics and basic necessities are ordered. We talk to our colleagues and customers through smartphones and electronic devices, we even talk in this way with our friends. We organize flashmobs from the window, every day a different appointment, to keep our agenda full of commitments anyway. But what will happen next?

    China has now returned to almost normal. In Shanghai there are 25 confirmed cases and the new cases that are occurring are mainly “imported”.

    The Italians or Chinese who return are obliged to stay in quarantine for 14 days at a hotel that is made available to the state for those who return. When people go out and frequent public areas, they all wear masks. All restaurants and shops are open. At the supermarket there are many multiple offers (e.g. 3×2) to dispose of stocks. In general, people want to go out and have gone back to spending but avoid gatherings. Prevention will be a very important lever that will never leave us and that will always condition our future life. This experience will change us deeply. The business will have to become increasingly global and diversified.

    We will learn that businesses and markets can be compromised alternately. In the event that a country stops, we will have to be ready to have an active business/country. Markets are interconnected and while I have the red light on one country it may happen that on another I have the green light that will allow me to continue growing and prospering.

    China’s experience with its successful case history can become a “know-how” that today they are transferring to Italians and tomorrow the Italians will be transferred to other countries. Unless a vaccine is found, nothing will return as before, but you have to be confident and get stronger and stronger.