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  • SUGARCLUB: Circles at Milano Design Week

    SUGARCLUB: Circles at Milano Design Week

    “Don’t call them minimalists. The furnishing accessories that see me participate in the most prestigious event in the world of design, creativity, conception and lifestyle are (simply) SIMPLE.

    For decades, emerging from the overloaded (and not elegant) aesthetics of the 80s, Made in Italy has sought its essentiality, in the highest quality, which would make it unique in the world, inimitable, destined to last over time.

    First of all, why the choice of the rim. Symbol of perfection, it is the starting point of art and literature from Giotto to Dante, the circle encloses universality, it is a container without edges, it is flexible in its being closed but elastic. It is full (the circle itself) and empty (the circumference).

    My tables, lamps, rugs, a project made with FABBRISERVICES, are designed to fit in any environment, they are functional and not bulky aesthetically. A blank page where everyone can create their own style. Modernism, baroque, antiques, classic, family stories that the objects we surround ourselves with will never be “OBLIGED” to be part of a project decided by the architect or interior designer to entrust our home, which is basically our soul, as we want to live it and present it to others: free, elegant, flexible.

    Another element that has always animated my choices is that of light: in my objects the light is reflected in a gentle way thanks to the smooth and pure materials: steel, brass, bronze, iron, plexiglass. Transparent, warm (brass and bronze), cold (steel and plexiglass).

    The circle, the collection has this name: “CIRCLES”, is the alpha and omega of life. Beginning and end are confused until they become the same thing.

    A philosophy that is past, present and future at the same time. Western and Eastern world: the architecture of the great from Jean Nouvel (my myth), to Norman Foster, to Zaha Hadid, to Renzo Piano, which I have always admired up to the suggestions of Feng Shui which in Chinese means “wind and water” elements that are very free and changeable. A concept that aims to establish perfect harmony between people and the environment.

    Space therefore for a neutrality that is made up of ORDER but also of the freedom to free oneself from the accumulation of objects and useless decorations that prevent the flow of positive energies.

    A simple project is true, but dictated by the desire for a contemporary HARMONY, which makes us rediscover the true sense of the flow of our life.” Says Beppe Angiolini of SUGAR.

    SUGAR invites you to celebrate Design Week from 7 to 10 June, from 11:00 to 20:00 in Viale Majno 15, in Milan.
    A cocktail will also be held on June 8th from 17:00.