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  • Shalev Ariel and his honest and sincere vision on fashion

    Shalev Ariel and his honest and sincere vision on fashion

    Hi, tell us about you

    My name is Shalev Ariel, (28) I’m a Fashion photographer.
    Now days I live and work in Tel Aviv and I recently graduated from Hadassa academic college Jerusalem in the photographic communication department.

    How did you get in touch with the fashion world? Have you always had a passion for fashion?

    I always had a passion for photography. I first discovered my passion for fashion in my second year of school, when i started to get attracted to the aesthetics of fashion photography, and fashion artists. By that I saw the opportunity of expressing myself in the most honest and effective way.

    As I got more interested I started to develop my own interpretation and ways of depicting ideas. I’ve always noticed how people dress and choose to express themselves through fashion and over time it started to catch my attention more and more.

    What changes has today’s fashion undergone compared to the past?

    I think that fashion designers these days, are much more self-expressive than in the past which makes them individual artists in the fashion field. However, some ideas are influenced by the principales of fashion’s history.

    What does the word fashion remind you of? Don’t think about it too much, you instinctively respond

    Fashion IS passion and its one of the greatest and most creative mediums to express emotions, criticism and to bring new ideas to the world.

    What is your creative approach when you think of the fashion world now? What do you want to convey?

    I think fashion today should focus on creating, ingraining and establishing new modern values. I really hope that fashion brands will bring new and progressive agenda in their branding method, this way fashion brands can have a positive impact and raise awareness of global issues. Also their audience can relate to the brand and feel more connected to its values.

    In what ways do you think fashion is able to represent different historical periods? What is the relationship between fashion and man?

    Fashion was always a sign for a historical period. if we look back, fashion always resemble socio-economic classes, where you come from and your profession.
    Today we live in a post-modern periods which everything is mixed. I think that in a few years, we will look back and realize that we live in the most self expressed fashion period so far.

    I think the relationship between fashion and man is like the relationship between humans to their self identity. as long as we feel like we wan be a part of something, we will always will have the need for fashion.

    The best things are usually created when people follow their vision rather than pursue success or money. What do you think about it?

    The most interesting works and ideas usually created from a vision and not from the pursue of money; but in today’s reality if I want to execute an idea I need to have the resources (money) to make my vision come to life. I think it’s important to stay innovative. In addition, when we’re talking about working with clients and commissioned works, and find a creative team to work with.

    Are there any problems in today’s fashion? Do people wear uncomfortable things just because they are cool?

    I think there’s major epidemic in fashion industry today, and it’s not that people wear uncomfortable things, but the real threat is the fast fashion culture.
    I think the textile companies and fashion brands need to re-consider their direction of marketing and keep on bringing new green, eco-friendly ideas and values to the world, and focusing on making good long-lasting products. This is the only way we can keep enjoying fashion.