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  • Senna Now with Spazio Shop

    Senna Now with Spazio Shop

    F1, a work of art for Senna in Bra: it will be exhibited on May 14, 2022 in agreement with Giacomo Riorda, CEO of Spazio Bra.

    It is not a Formula 1, but a work of art. It’s a McLaren, but it has never raced a Grand Prix. It will be exhibited in Bra on Saturday 14 May in the afternoon in Via Vittorio Emanuele II outside the Spazio Bra multi-brand retail store and can be admired, because it will be destined to make a lot of noise.

    The idea is by Matteo Macchiavelli, a Bolognese who launches Speed Art: an F1 from the Tremonti collection was painted half by Jisbar, an exponent of pop-street art with an interpretation by Ayrton Senna, and the other half is been colored with the most iconic liveries of the Brazilian’s single-seaters. The work of art will be visible in Imola before it is exhibited in Bra, the Venice Biennale and Art Basel in Miami. Then it will be auctioned and part of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation that bears the name of the champion of San Paolo.

    “I spent my childhood following my hero’s races and magic. I was inspired by his lifestyle and his teachings ”.

    Hence Matteo’s idea of contacting the French artist Jisbar and giving life to an art car: “Ayrton Senna’s charisma, his personality, all the challenges he had to face and his humanity inspired me to the point of wanting to create something that could bring out some aspects of his special message: challenge, creativity and humanity “.

    Bra: Motors, Art, NFT and Fashion

    The car, a McLaren “showcar” donated by the Italian collector Gianluca Tramonti, was divided lengthwise into two parts. The right side is in turn divided into three parts with the liveries of three of the four cars driven by the champion in F1: Lotus, Williams and McLaren. The left side, on the other hand, was entrusted to the French artist Jisbar. The green-gold helmet, symbol of Ayrton, stands out together with three trophies, as many as the world championship laurels.

    Jisbar, thanks to the support of the AXL / INU team in Dubai, and thanks to the support of Asser Fawzi, Giacomo Acquadro and Federico Piva, had the opportunity to express himself across the last frontier of the art world, creating a special NFTs collection (Non-fungible token) of “Senna Now” related to the Ayrton Senna F1.

    Thanks to the intuition of Giacomo Riorda, these works of art destined to become true digital icons will be shown in the Spazio Bra clothing retail, to be then launched (in a limited number of copies) on the Open Sea platform. .
    The first 10 lucky buyers will also have a special prize made by the artist.

    One of the 161 Legend Limited Edition bracelets made by MONGRIP in honor of the Brazilian champion will also be exhibited inside Spazio. The jewel is made of 18K Rose Gold & authentic tire used by Ayrton Senna in the historic Donington Park GP in 1993.

    Among the sponsors who have decided to take part in the initiative of the entrepreneur from Bra, there are two large Italian companies:
    The well-known CONTRATTO winery and BARATTI & MILANO excellence.