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    The RE_START project aims to communicating a message of positivity, faith and optimism on behalf of the Best Shops; both to its members, at a time of rethinking the Industry, and to the Market.

    We wish to communicate that by being together we will be able to continue the wonderful journey that has seen us play a fundamental and complimentary role in our Industry. Not only we do represent the ‘big brands’ but also much research and innovation. We continuously scout new talents, reconfigure the elements of the “shopping experience” not only in the brick and mortar segment but also tackle digital and omni channels challenges.

    We want to convey this message of Re_Start together by providing a safe shopping experience to preserve our consumer’s health; leveraging our investments, our marketing knowledge, capillarity and representativity in the most important locations of our Country. Last but not least, we have developed large skills over time by engaging and becoming influencers in our communities (more than 300 boutiques, 3.000 shop windows, and millions of interactions on our social media channels).

    The message will be symbolized by a logo, we have expressly created, which will shortly be seen on t-shirts, shop windows, shoppers, stickers, Best Shops masks, homepages, newsletters and social media, thus generating a viral effect thanks to “sharing” and “reposting” activities.

    Our desire would be to continue the project over time, through a series of messages, curated together with our historical partners, i.e. the men and women behind the brands, precisely to emphasize the human dimension of restarting and together redesigning our world and the beauty which characterizes our Industry and our Country.

    Il nostro desiderio, successivamente, sarà quello di continuare il progetto nel tempo, attraverso una serie di messaggi e curatele, fatte insieme ai nostri partners storici, ossia gli uomini dietro i marchi, proprio per enfatizzare la dimensione umana della ripartenza e dell’essere insieme, nel riprogettare il nostro mondo e la bellezza che ci ha sempre caratterizzato come Paese.