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    Pavin Elements recently opened a new store in the city of Bolzano: a boutique which covers a surface of 160 square meters, with two wide windows which open on Via Museo, in the heart if the city, and where clients can find clothing, shoes and accessories for both men and women.

    The new store joins the company’s growing collection, as the Pavin Group already owns stores located in key points of the historic centres of Vicenza, Padua, Verona, Treviso, Bergamo, Bolzan, Milan, Turin, Trento and Udine, all of which exemplify the company’s goal to bind together the excellence of the past and the ability to interpret the future. Each Pavin Group boutique opens the doors to a unique environment, with a beautiful story to tell and to discover. Shopping in a Pavin store is not just buying a dress or a pair of shoes under the guidance of the attentive personnel: the mission is to offer each customer a personal “path in fashion”.

    Instilling emotions and imparting beauty: this is the constant commitment that binds Pavin Group to its customers and also the guiding principle which served as a guideline in the designing of the new store: those who enter in the Pavin Elements boutique in Bolzano find themselves in an extraordinary environment, where fashion and design blend together, from the lighting to the décor designed by the architectural firm Bartolini e Lanzi, all of this within an historical building in one of the most beautiful Italian cities.