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  • Nugnes has been awarderd with European Prix Versailles

    Nugnes has been awarderd with European Prix Versailles

    The new NUGNES store curated by STUDIODINICATALDI is awarded the European Prix Versailles.
    The winners of the best architecture and design projects have been announced by the Secretary of
    the Prix Versailles continental in the “Shop Store category. The award ceremony of the 2022 world
    title will take place by mid December at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

    The Prix Versailles, now on its eighth edition, is a prestigious award celebrating the best architectural and design projects aimed at promoting a type of sustainability that takes into account its ecological, social and cultural impact. Each winner is a testament to the ever recurrent value of excellence in each respective continent. This year’s jury, whose members will be revealed once the competition is over, have selected a winner based on their talent for innovation and creativity, as well as their ability to express the local natural and cultural heritage in terms of ecological efficiency. Additionally, social inclusivity and integration were factored in, two values that are also held in great regard by the United Nations.
    For Europe, the winner of this category is the new luxury multi brand store NUGNES based on a project by STUDIODINICATALDI.

    Nugnes has reopened the doors of majestic Palazzo Pugliese, an archetype of the XIX century southern Italian
    mansion in the heart of Trani, to recount an authentically Italian story of taste for beauty. Born as a tailor’s shop in the 1920s, Nugnes has since become an ambassador for over 250 international brands, which were carefully selected to suit the vivacious yet refined Apulian atmosphere.

    Every step in the projectproject’s realization was taken with the utmost respect for the original architectural layout, starting from the entrance hall, which acts as a kind of indoor square, embracing and connecting every space on the ground floor. Its great staircase welcomes you to the main floor, where one frescoed hall follows the other in a series of sumptuous lounges comple te with views on the city. The project is also unique in its use of rare materials, such as mirror polished copper, handwoven rafia and black waxed iron, which encompass every room on this floor and pay homage to Apulian tradition and culture. A lush collection of exclusive vintage and contemporary furniture from all over the world was meticulously selected to enhance and highlight the store’s eclecticism, a taste also shared by its brands. At Palazzo Pugliese, classic Italian design pieces created by Borsani, Frattini, Pamio, Toso Massari, meet international, one of a kind design pieces.
    Prix Versailles is an invaluable recognition of Nugnes’commitment and endeavour in creating its new flagship
    Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the architects Filippo Dini and Gianluca Cataldi’s STUDIODINICATALDI, Giuseppe Nugnes, a member of the founding family’s third generation, has succeeded in his aim to give back to the city of Trani one of its most iconic places, which exudes “Apulianity in all its vi brancy and eclecticism, and takes part in the local community’s inclusive, creative and sophisticated atmosphere.