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    Modes opened a new store in Milano, in Piazza Risorgimento 8.

    At the heart of this new project by Modes there’s the location itself: the store is located at the centre of a residential middle-class neighbourhood and it was designed to show a certain level of continuity with the square on which the shop’s 12 windows open. In order to make it so it was decided that the store’s flooring would be made of the very same stone which was used in the square. Furthermore, the design of the store includes a mobile and apparently unfinished layout which will make the place more adaptable to the specific requirements of the different events which will be held there.

    This very same desire for flexibility and versatility can be found in the brand selection, which aims to be authentic and free from the logic of logos and includes a hundred names such as Ader Error, Ambush, Ami, Balenciaga, Bode, Collina Strada, tutti i marchi della famiglia Comme des Garçons, Craig Green, Danton, Federico Curradi, Ganni, Jil Sander, Lemaire, Marni, Marine Serre, Medea, Nanushka, OAMC, Our Legacy, Patou, Random Identities, Sease, Vetements, Visvim, Y/Project e Youths in Balaclava.

    The space of 400 square meters, signed by the architectural firm Andrea Caputo, will not only be a point of sail, but also a place meant to establish an authentic dialogue with the consumers, with an offer of not only dresses, but also jewellery, flowers, playlist in collaboration with Nts, magazines selected by Reading Room and books handpicked for the occasion by Bruno Ceschel.

    The opening of the store took place on the 28th of November 2019 and it coincided with the launch of Gr-Uniforma 3, the multidisciplinary project by Gosha Rubchinskiy which brings together fashion, photography, art, video and music, followed by a performance of the band Gruppa, which took place in the former cinema Nuovo Arti.