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    On Sunday the 23rd of February, in the Salotto di Milano in Corso Venezia 7, Maison Porpora presented the Ishtar Bag collection, the first product of the brand, with the support of Camera Buyer Italia.

    Maison Porpora is a start-up created by Alessandro and Shakti who, having grown up among architecture, art and fashion, draw inspiration from archaic aesthetic languages and work on translating their anthologies of signs into the contemporary vision.

    The Ishtar Bag was inspired by the shape of the Ishtar Gate, the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon, constructed in about 575 BCE and dedicated to the goddess Ištar. The bag was born following the building’s aesthetic rules, looking at its enchanting colors for inspiration.

    Entirely handmade in Italy, Ishtar is produced using an exclusive selection of genuine Italian leather, completely REACH certified. Four rich hand-painted dyed-through layers ensure finishes that do not allow for defects. The metal accessories, provided together with Ishtar, are subject to a galvanic bath which guarantees a 20 micron light gold plating. It is nickel-free and anti-allergic certified. The logo is fire-branded, ton sur ton on the outside, while in the inside it is gold leaf printed.