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  • Luxury and the art of hospitality in the heart of Bolzano with Franz Kraler

    Luxury and the art of hospitality in the heart of Bolzano with Franz Kraler

    Glamour, luxury and the art of hospitality in the beating heart of Bolzano: Palais Campofranco will host the new boutique of the cosmopolitan label Franz Kraler, which will bring, to the city, the luxury signed by the great international fashion brands.

    The building, at 1 Via Della Mostra, corner Walther Square, is part of a project to redevelop a corner of Bolzano’s historic center. The historic courtyard next to Bolzano Cathedral is returning to its full splendor, positioning itself as a focal point of hospitality in the South Tyrolean capital. Located in Walther Square, the structure, which saw a first opening at the end of September 2022 after complex renovations and the recovery of cubes destroyed in the last war, relates the relationship between renovated historic buildings and new contemporary cubes in a continuous cross-reference between past and contemporary and invites one to relive the incredible as well as unpredictable history of the Habsburgs.

    The challenge launched by the Kraler family to the world of luxury continues in the city’s capital with a store covering an area of 150 square meters, welcomed on the ground floor of the celebrated building built in 1300, which belonged to the Habsburgs of Lorraine and is now owned by Count Georg von Kuenburg. A bond, that which the Kralers continue to cultivate with the tradition and history of the area after the redevelopment of Emperor Franz Joseph’s stables in Toblach, home of the “fashion castle” and their headquarters.

    That refined atmosphere born of the rare and innate flair for absolute beauty that has always distinguished the Kraler family now lives again among the downtown buildings.

    A story of care and attention to the customer in the name of professionalism, sentiment and the roots to which one is attached that starts in Toblach framed by the “Three Peaks,” a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and stops in Bolzano in an inseparable combination of modernity and tradition that is a key element of their success.

    The spaces, redesigned by Bolzano-based studio Marastoni, which will house the collections of Gucci, Fendi, Valentino, Christian Louboutin -just to name a few- boast an ultra-modern layout, with the inclusion of a digital backdrop having a large arched opening at the back. Hidden in the back, a 100-inch high-definition monitor for projecting themed films completes the “perspective deception” by capturing the customer’s imagination and expanding the size of the display space.

    The monochromy of the walls and furnishings is interrupted thanks to a scenic carpet that cuts across the length of the floor. Decisive, finally, is the chiaroscuro play that is created in the room thanks to a careful study signed by viabizzuno’s technical department: the light has been wisely hidden in the false ceiling and in the side niches precisely emphasizes the display areas and accentuates the shadowy areas of the arches to increase their perspective.

    For the store opening on April 13 at 1 Via Della Mostra, Franz Kraler will sign a partnership with META: luxury restaurant founded by entrepreneur Gunther Stecher. A valuable collaboration that opens a new season of living the experience of shopping and dining.

    Palais Campofranco, in fact, will capture the attention of tourists thanks to the prestigious META restaurant, located on the top floor of the structure. META enjoys an international reputation thanks to a refined gourmet proposal that makes the regional dish a reinterpretation of ingredients capable of meeting international tastes. An emotional experience, the one that will be offered to customers of the boutique and beyond, which will soon be expanded in its offerings with the opening of several “META suites” that will rise right above the Franz Kraler multibrand store.