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    Lungolivigno Fashion, for over 70 years a point of reference in Italian retail, opens its new concept store with a focus on men’s fashion, creating a dialogue between fashion, art, and nature, waiting for the 2026 Olympics.

    The intention is to refresh the identity of what was the first emporium in Livigno, overlooking the multiplicity of contemporary communication, thus facing a challenge far from simple.

    The Lungolivigno Fashion team, therefore, decided to rediscover its origins in order to develop future projects; following this strategic choice, faithful to its roots, the renewal of the legendary “Da Giuseppina 1941” was entrusted to the master architect Oliviero Baldini, who, drawing inspiration from the symbolic elements of the mountain, gave life to a new architectural project where innovation and tradition converse in harmony.

    Baldini says: “Memory and future, on these elements, I wanted to develop a project that could enhance the genius loci of Livigno. Our objective was, therefore, to transform this historic home into a living organism, a continuous mutation, in which nature casts itself towards the future, merging its force of naturalness, represented by the forest and wood, with the contemporaneity of design and technology.

    Thanks to the constant research of its buyers, Lungolivigno Fashion is unquestionably a unique designer destination, focused on contemporary men’s fashion, offering a wide choice of Ready To Wear and accessories.

    “Lungolivigno Fashion Man” is the new name of the historic shop in Via Dalla Gesa 711, developed on three floors.

    It will host the best of the world of men’s fashion, ranging from luxury brands, contemporary labels to urban-luxury.

    The brand mix will allow customers to choose between Burberry and United Standard, passing through Off-White, Maison Martin Margiela and Lardini, as well as many other prestigious brands of contemporary fashion.

    LFF Man wants to create a path of renewal, aiming at the real needs of the final consumer, more and more demanding and with increasing expectations in terms of buying experience.

    For this reason, Lungolivigno Fashion has started a communication campaign aimed at rebranding, bringing together the tradition of the five fashion stores under a single sign “LFF.”

    Livigno is the perfect setting, thanks to the grandeur of the mountains, combined with the charm of the mysterious woods and waterfalls.

    The result is only the beginning of a journey that will see LFF committed to creating a dialogue between fashion and nature, tradition, and innovation. The aim is to consolidate the role of the town of Livigno also in view of the 2026 Olympics, of which Livigno will be Host City, making it a destination to visit, where, thanks to the uniqueness and innovation of the new concept-store, Lungolivigno Fashion, it is possible to give the customer a unique experience of its kind.