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    Lungolivigno Fashion & Humana

    On 15th September the initiative kicks off in the LLF stores in Livigno in Via Plan and Via dalla Gesa. Bringing used clothes, shoes and accessories in good condition will help reduce their environmental impact and support the development projects carried out by Humana Italia. In return for the donation the customer will receive a discount valid in LLF stores.

    Livigno, 14 September 2022 – The Lungolivigno Fashion stores, famous for the collections of the coolest designers, invite their customers to give a second chance to the clothes they no longer wear, promoting the first clothing reuse campaign together with Humana People to People Italia, an international cooperation organisation that carries out development projects around the world and solidarity activities in Italy thanks to the collection, selection and sale of used clothes. The Humana Federation is present in 45 countries with over 1,200 development projects.

    The coming together of these two realities is the result of the new sustainability policy that is permeating all areas of Lungolivigno, from hospitality to the fashion world. From 15 September to 3 November, anyone can take part in the initiative by bringing clothes, shoes, bags, hats, scarves in good condition to the LLF stores in via Plan 130 and via dalla Gesa 711, and placing them in tightly sealed bags. For a donation of at least 3 items, customers will receive 1,000 points on their LLF Club Card which will entitle them to a 50 euro discount on their next purchase. Those who are not already members of the Club can do so directly in the shop and thus activate the LLF Club Card and receive the points.

    “Aware that time is running out and that in the face of the devastating effects of CO2 emissions, everyone is called upon to do their part, Lungolivigno has decided to make a serious commitment by defining Sustainability Guidelines, creating a Sustainability Committee and a group of sustainability-conscious employees, the Green Ambassadors”. – says Lelia Giacomelli, Sustainability Manager Lungolivigno.

    “We are happy that Lungolivigno has chosen us to start such an ambitious and at the same time necessary path towards sustainability. Every year, thanks to the used clothes that people entrust to us, we manage to give continuity and solidity to our development projects around the world, helping to improve the living conditions of almost 10 million people,” says Alfio Fontana, CSR and Corporate Partnership Manager of Humana People to People Italia.

    With this in mind, one of the first commitments is to try to mitigate the impact of the textile industry, one of the world’s most polluting manufacturing activities. The United Nations estimates that 10% of total global emissions come from the fashion industry. Cotton is pesticide and water intensive: according to the World Resources Institute, the amount of water needed to make one cotton shirt is the same as one person drinks in two years.

    Reusing clothes offers the greatest environmental benefits and this is what Humana People to People Italia is committed to. Present on the national territory for over twenty years with over 5,000 street containers, last year it collected over 21 million kilos of used clothes, helping to avoid the emission of over 130 million kilos of carbon dioxide, equal to the action of 1,304,000 trees, and the waste of over 128 billion litres of water, corresponding to 51,300 Olympic-size swimming pools. Important numbers, which will only grow thanks to the involvement of the citizens of Livigno and Valtellina in this new campaign together with Lungolivigno.