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    After the acquisition of the company iKRIX SPA by Camera Buyer Italia through the vehicle company Top Retailers SRL, which took place last July 2022, retailers announce the new identity of the platform: THEBS.

    THEBS, abbreviation of The Best Shops, historical brand owned by the association that has represented for more than twenty years the network of Italian luxury boutiques certifying a high-end shopping experience, is now the spearhead of the new identity of the marketplace that from will become

    The new identity will be integrated and transferred to most digital assets. For the platform, being the operation a startup, there are subsequent stages of development, which will put in close connection the digital channel with the physical one and will affect for all intents and purposes both the frontend and the overall aesthetics of the site.

    «This important step in our path allows us to consolidate our position as protagonists in the online fashion industry»
    says Giacomo Santucci, Chairman.

    « is the arrival point of a group of historical companies animated by an entrepreneurial spirit all Italian. A group of entrepreneurs that in the current marketplace economy does not want to be a mere spectator but protagonist. These entrepreneurs have been precursors in the continuous search for excellence as well as creators of the growth of the entire fashion system. Of this same determination and expertise lives» says Andrea Battisti, CEO of Bruna Rosso and member of the board of directors of Top Retailers SRL.

    «This project wants to be first of all an expression of a change of cultural attitude that places at the center of the association and the importance of making system. A Club Deal of excellent retailers united by an exclusive common project for quality but inclusive of other Italian and foreign retailers who share its values.» says Claudio Betti, CEO of Spinnaker Boutique and member of the board of directors of Top Retailers SRL.

    «iKRIX, born eight years ago with the aim of providing service to Italian boutiques, thanks to the new corporate structure represented by the Camera Buyer Italia boutiques, now makes a qualitative leap that allows him to enter the heart of the Italian fashion system. The transition to the new brand THEBS, a reference to the brand “The Best Shops” with which the CBI boutiques are distinguished, represents the completion of this transition and the starting point for a new phase of growth» says Davide Medina, Managing Director of Top Retailers SRL.

    Of this same determination and expertise lives To push the accelerator, the core of boutique associated with Camera Buyer: AMR (Chiavari), Antonia Boutique (Riccione), Bernardelli Stores (Mantova), Blondie (Finale Ligure), Bruna Rosso (Cuneo), Carofiglio Junior (Cosenza), Cose (Cremona), Di Pierro (Taranto), Divo (Santa Maria a Monte), Dolci Trame (Siena), Eleonora Bonucci (Viterbo), Emerson Renaldi (Norimberga), Eraldo (Ceggia), Galiano (Napoli), Giordano (Pompei), Helmè (Catania), Il Cortile (Novara), Il Sellaio (Casatenovo), Italiani (Pescara), Julian Fashion (Milano Marittima), Lattuada (San Vittore Olona), Lorenzetti (Madonna di Campiglio), Luciana (Bari), Lungolivigno Fashion (Livigno), Mantovani Shop (San Giovanni Valdarno), Michele Franzese (Napoli), Mimma Ninni (Bari), Nugnes (Trani), O’ Luxury (Parma), Paolo Fiorillo (Napoli), Penelope (Brescia), Satu (Piacenza), Spazio (Bra), Spinnaker (Alassio), Stilmoda (Lignano Sabbiadoro), Sugar (Arezzo), Suit (Lecce), Tessabit (Como), Torregrossa (Palermo), Boutique Tricot (Chianciano terme), Tufano (Scafati), Vela Shop (Cagliari).