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    As usual for each Fashion Week, this year the CBI team, as part of its pre-scouting action, has selected some interesting realities with great potential to be included in the goodie-bag service to be given to each luxury store associated with Camera Buyer Italia.
    First of all, a man’s swimsuit with the logo of the new CBI identity signed DEPARTMENT 5 in detail, which exalts values such as determination, simplicity and a touch of rock soul: the same principles that accompanied the re-branding of the association of top Italian luxury retailers. Among the details, the black label dedicated to the historic registered trademark Camera Buyer, THE BEST SHOPS.
    A breakthrough was AQUAPULIA, an emerging brand that tells the story of a wealthy region like Puglia through five different but complementary fragrances. The last born creature is called “Secondo Federico”, based on ambergris and notes of incense, has been greeted to CBI buyers.
    Practical, appealing, and rational are the MARIOS gifts: a one-colored stretched tote bag and a logo necklace keychain on the logo that follow contemporary trends, combining them with everyday practicality. These qualities make Marios unique in its genre.
    Then it’s the turn of VODIVI’, an emerging brand of made in Italy leather goods that highlights the quality of Italian craftsmanship. Vodivì stands out for the use of local raw materials for the production of its bags, thus telling the traditions of the territory and maintaining a minimal line and avant-garde product design. Vodivì paid homage to the buyers of the best Italian shops with a bag mirror with a versatile soul, which in the back, through the eponymous app, activates a video presentation made with augmented reality.
    From Turin comes a magnificent white silk foulard with black pattern, logo on logo, embellished with a white box, signed PT TORINO, with a sartorial and sophisticated flavor. The main characteristic of the Turin brand, as always, is the attention to details.
    Directly from Amsterdam comes the collaboration with MAIUM Design, a Dutch brand known for making the world of rainwear vibrant and fashionable with raincoats that can be disassembled by means of side zips, transforming them into ponchos, made entirely of recycled plastic.
    Made in Italy is NOVE25, a jewelry brand that has become famous for being the first to offer customers a personalized jewelry service, with an unconventional selection of jewelry, thus creating a real hub of artists, musicians, skaters, tattooists and street artists who have worked with the brand over the years.
    For an ethical and fashion lifestyle choice, instead, we can find 24BOTTLES, with the intention of freeing the planet from plastic bottles by replacing them with stainless steel bottles that are excellent for daily on-the-go hydration.
    The historic brand MORESCHI has then created for CBI a custom embroidered gadget that recalls the main colors of the new campaign: white and blue. The gift refers to the Italian sartorial excellence that the brand has always represented.
    MAGNA PARS, a marvelous Milanese Hotel à Parfum in the Tortona area, has created a gift box with an elegant and fresh fragrance, designed to enhance the Italian excellence of living through the senses, to give each Buyer a unique experience.
    For the launch of the first SS20 collection, CHORUSTYLE, a well-known company in the luxury objects field, offered lunch on the terrace with a view of the Triennale, during the presentation of its first fashion collection. An attractive location, a fresh and contemporary collection for a selected and VIP audience.
    A new collaboration was born with MADER International, a unique company that for more than forty years offers services in the world of fashion retail, providing furniture and fittings for the shop windows. Its power banks are the ideal gift for those who are always on the move like our fashion buyers.
    The sartorial soul of Sant’Andrea couldn’t be missing, combining English and Italian textile forces with Trabaldo Togna, to create innovative garments designed to meet the specific needs of the modern lifestyle.
    For the press, HUB Style and STYLE responded.  With the first one, a beautiful collaboration is underway that includes two sections dedicated to the figure of the Buyer and the identity of the physical Retail, a sacred value for a Community of Retailers. With Style, on the other hand, a relationship of high symbolic value was born, with the hope of creating future projects together.
    Last but not least, LA MARTINA.  Born to support and spread the values of the game of polo with a DNA strictly related to sports equipment, the historic Argentinian brand has developed a capsule collection in collaboration with Andrea Pompilio, to contaminate their heritage with the explosive contemporaneity of streetwear, all while maintaining the practicality of their sports style.