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  • Giacomo Santucci rewards Antonio Marras – Taomoda awards 2020

    Giacomo Santucci rewards Antonio Marras – Taomoda awards 2020

    TAOMODA Week, now in its XXI edition, from 10 to 18 September 2020 in Taormina, an international event among the Great Events of the Sicilian Region. Sponsored, among others, by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and the City of Taormina, from this year, it has been included by the City of Venice in the “Città in Festa” calendar.

    It is the most important celebration in Central and Southern Italy, which combines fashion with design, culture, tourism and healthy eating. Beyond the charm that distinguishes Taormina, where in the month of July the TAOMODA WEEK is an essential appointment.  Announced by the President of TAOMODA, Agata Patrizia Saccone, the Taomoda Awards of the 2020 edition assigned in the splendid setting of the Teatro Antico on September 12, 2020. A magical evening, that not even the rain in the afternoon scratched, for the emotions given to the audience, limited on the ancient stands by the restrictions imposed by the health emergency but as always numerous thanks to direct streaming and social streaming that allowed to live it even remotely.

    The Teatro Antico taorminese this year was so ideal stage for the wonderful creative vein of the Sardinian fashion designer Antonio Marras, Tao Award Excellence for fashion presented by the President of Camera Buyer Italia Giacomo Santucci, who proposed on stage not a fashion show but a real theatrical performance, with the love story of the Japanese princess Shiro and the Sardinian shepherd Baingio, pure poetry with clothes and accessories in a combination in which it is impossible to separate art from fashion.

    Exclusive, moreover, in Taomoda, after Paris, the fashion show of a selection of clothes from the Autumn – Winter 2020-21 Couture collection by Antonio Grimaldi from Salerno, awarded with the Taomoda Award 2020 Haute Couture, shown last July on the digital platform of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode through the fashion film Elektra, starring and directed by Asia Argento: clothes, for the first time on the catwalk, inspired by the myth of Elettra.

    Exalting, elegant, cheerful the style of the much appreciated Federica Tosi, her Tao Award for pret-a-porter, previewed in Taormina with the spring-summer 2021 collection that reflects an essential and multitasking woman without pompous dresses.

    Sustainable luxury is that of Bav Tailor, a London-based designer of Indian origin, a brand that emerged as part of CNMI’s #togetherfortomorrow, designed for the next generation ethically aware. A fusion of the best certified natural and recycled materials, geometric silhouettes inspired by design, architecture and oriental philosophies.

    On the occasion of the Gala, presented by La7 journalist Cinzia Malvini, the actor Fabio Fulco, the director of Grazia International Network Carla Vanni (Tao Award Excellence for Journalism), the journalist Daniela Fedi, the designer Mario Trimarchi and Tao Award for Innovation at the Montigny Oscar.

    The main threads of the event are Sustainability and enhancement of Made in Italy. Among the novelties present this year were a section entirely dedicated to Made in Sicily, with Taomoda Sicily, created in collaboration with the Regional Department of Productive Activities, an exhibition in the historic Palazzo Ciampoli in Taormina, an exclusive showcase for the island’s excellent brands.

    Taomoda continues until September 18 at Palazzo Ciampoli in Taormina where the exhibition Art, Fashion and Design is set up, with the large section ‘Taomoda Sicily’ dedicated to Sicilian brands – already admired by fashion journalists and buyers, first of all the president of CBI Giacomo Santucci, The Just Design section, curated by the Foundation and the Order of Architects, and the unpublished personal exhibition by photographer Arturo Delle Donne ‘The familar unknow’ of ten shots depicting the expressions of a family (in this case symbolically his own), which seeks light during the lockdown period. Taomoda 2020 will also be the incipit of the social project “DONNA…we are with you”.