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    Another point of view

    This Christmas The Apartment proposes a counter-current installation taking inspiration from the world of art and exploring the concept of “Fluidity“. Fluidity understood as dynamism that permeates the fabric of life. Fluidity understood as a force that frees our minds from the chains of staticity and embraces the constant change that characterizes our lives.

    The stores in Cosenza appear on the outside as white boxes without clothing, where black tubes float like sculptures. All this is a provocation to induce those who look to go beyond what they see and explore in a more intimate and profound way what happens beyond, in the internal spaces of the stores. Upon entering you discover an installation in which the selection of the best international designers is itself an expression of the concept of fluidity understood as an element that makes us free of thought and open to new experiences.

    In addition to the men’s and women’s stores, The Apartment offers a temporary pop-up in which only tube sculptures are present and was set up in the center of Cosenza – in Via Montesanto – to strengthen the concept of “Fluidity” expressed this Christmas. The space is not open to the public, it is only visible from the outside. This is a choice to induce passers-by to stop for a moment and reflect on the fluidity of their existence.

    Once again by The Apartment it is non-conformist and looks to the future with a personal and irreverent slant.