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    Camera Moda in collaboration with CBI (Camera Buyer Italia) gave birth to #FashionHubMarket. It is a fashion event aimed at talking about emerging designers from four different countries: Hungary, China, Africa and Italy. On September 21st the winner of the “competition” will be awarded at Spazio le Cavallerizze in Milan.The first pavilion is that of Africa, entitled AFRICA NOW. Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana is hosting for the first time at the Fashion Hub Market during the MFW a selection of emerging African designers presenting their S/S 2020 collections, a unique opportunity to receive visibility, international buisness and potential networking. It is a great opportunity for Africa to reaffirm its powerful fashion identity.

    Then we head to the BUDAPEST SELECT, the pavilion dedicated to Hungary. In August 2018, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) commissioned a three-year agreement with the prestigious National Chamber for Italian Fashion. Through this structure, CNMI supports the development of Hungarian fashion and its entry into international fashion as a strategic partner. The aim of the tutoring program is to best expose designers through a real activity of preparing talents to present their collections both in Milan and in their country. The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency provides an important international network by creating and supporting professional opportunities for talented Hungarian brands under the wing of the Budapest Select brand. – Abodi, Artist, Celeni, Cuckovy, Elysian, Je Suis Belle and Zsigmond Dora Menswear.

    Then we arrive at the pavilion dedicated to Italy, FASHION HUB MARKET, where we find a series of new generations of Italian designers looking to the future. Apnoea, Carmelina Raco, Caterina Gatta, Delirious Eyewear, Vanta Design Studio, Woobag are all brands that have developed their collections with a strong confidence in the continuation of the manufacture and traditional methods of production of clothing and

    Finally, there is the Chinese pavilion that bears the title of INO-ITALIAN FASHION TOWN by Chic Group. Sino-Italian Fashion Town by CHIC Group is an innovative platform located in the Xi’an International Community, where international and local brands can meet a target of Chinese consumers particularly interested in the new frontiers of creativity. Sino-Italian Fashion Town offers a convenient space equipped to showcase products, meet potential buyers and business facilitators; priority access to retail opportunities in top-level locations; access to finance; support for brands to grow across China and gain visibility during fashion and lifestyle events; support to find a marketing strategy that suits brands; legal support to protect brands and brands; and more. The main promoter of the project, CHIC Group, one of the most dynamic protagonists of commercial real estate investment, also provides access to the markets of other cities: Shanghai, Ningbo, Chongqing, Hangzhou, etc. to the designers participating in the project.

    We can consider this fashion event as a perfect combination of past and future. It is they, the new generations of designers, who will make the fashion of tomorrow.