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  • Enrico Sorbini, a young fashion dreamer

    Enrico Sorbini, a young fashion dreamer

    Hi, tell us about you

    Hi, I’m Enrico, founder of Est clothing, I love mandarins, salted skin and clementines. I don’t like scarves, the smell of onion in the cable car and arrogance.

    What changes has today’s fashion undergone compared to the past?

    I believe that the change that generated the most confusion in the fashion system is the awareness that seasonality no longer makes sense to exist, because it is linked to a world where each brand had its own target audience to which it spoke every 6 months. Today the possibility of dialoguing with many more people has given way to the need to continually interface with the customer, always proposing something new.

    What does the word “fashion” remind you of? Don’t think about it too be instinctive

    The word fashion reminds me of the catwalks and all the frenzy that characterizes fashion week.

    What is your creative approach when you produce a new collection? What do you want to convey?

    It is always a mix of experiences and needs. Everything I experience forms me but does not always correspond to what I want to communicate. Creativity in my case must be trained; I am hardly struck by brilliant ideas, most of the time I start from a concept, from a critical element I want to talk about. I do research and I hope the result is interesting. It is fundamental to give oneself the opportunity to make mistakes and rethink the project, to experiment. I give you a practical example, with Est clothing, I’m developing a job that comes from a criticality: the anxiety generated by being continuously bombarded by logos.

    The project is called Logo Paranoia and plans to communicate the brand without a logo, using alternative languages that have the strength to communicate more than just the alphabet.

    The best things are usually created when people follow their vision rather than pursue success or money. What do you think about it?

    Passion, motivation and obsession are three elements that drive the projects and that lead to tracing unexplored roads. Success and money from my point of view are one of the consequences, one of the elements of work measurement.

    Do you think there are any problems in today’s fashion? Do people wear uncomfortable things just because they are cool?

    Criticism and contradictions have always been present in the fashion system as in many other sectors. Over time, however, there have been examples of responsible and at the same time successful business models (one of which is Patagonia), which have dispelled the myth that short-sighted exploitation of resources is the only remunerative business model. As for the trends by quoting Shawn Stussy: “fashion comes and goes, you make what you make and you keep making it till the tide swings back … or, you chase every trend and become a sheep in the flock … your choice …