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  • Discover 10 Christmas Gift, that are completely sustainable and eco-friendly!

    Discover 10 Christmas Gift, that are completely sustainable and eco-friendly!

    One of the hardest questions that plagues us every year is, “What am I going to get for Christmas this year?”

    Below are the top 10 totally sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas so you can make your holidays a little more green.



    Regenesi has succeeded in giving new life to unwanted materials, from aluminum to paper, from plastic to leather, giving new light to a renewable product.

    2. WOOL SHIRT LTD2 by Wrad 

    WRÅD’s design is motivated by the current environmental crisis and inspired by contemporary social needs. It sees design as a tool to meet real needs, using product and service engineering to drive change.

    3. THE TENCEL SUIT by Flavia La Rocca

    Flavia La Rocca adopts a new attitude towards clothing through modular and sustainable fashion in order to create an endless wardrobe and to reduce the waste of water, energy and raw materials, keeping in mind the importance of protecting our planet.

    4. LOKYA INFINITY COAT by Bav Tailor

    Bav Tailor uses conscious luxury to express its design, which is a fusion of nonconformist clothes with generationless silhouettes and geometric volumes inspired by design, architecture and oriental philosophies, which represent the authentic 100% Made in Italy through a “manifesto of sustainability at 360°.

    5. HEMP AND ORGANIC SILK TRENCH COAT by Silvia Giovanardi

    Silvia Giovanardi’s vocation is to bring fashion back to its original meaning in order to reveal its innate nobility. The tool she uses to make this happen is sustainability, defining that love is the mantra.

    6. VENICE COAT by Tiziano Guardini

    The philosophy used by Tiziano Guardini is that of an “evolutionary” way of doing Couture, which skillfully mixes tailoring, innovation, respect and experimentation, always paying attention to research in all its forms.

    7. JACKET BY Yekaterina Ivankova

    Yekaterina Ivankova demonstrates in her creations from start to finish the use of vintage clothing giving new shape to paper models, because, the main thing is to amaze the masters of the industry with unique garments and high level, especially eco-friendly going against all that is the polluted world of fashion.

    8. SLY ARTIST’S T-Shirt KAZUKI TAKAMATSU by Teeshare

    Teeshare is a project of true union between responsible fashion and art. Since 2013, they reinvent the t-shirt, to celebrate the environment and people.

    9. CHECK WOOL COAT by Gilberto Calzolari

    Gilberto Calzolari is a brand of high fashion ready-to-wear made in Italy with a “green” heart that believes that elegance and beauty should go hand in hand with respect for our planet.

    10. EVEREST COAT UNISEX by Blue Of A Kind 

    Blue of a Kind is a fashion studio that deals with upcycling, making clothes exclusively from existing garments and repurposed fabrics.

    All the brands involved are part of Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T. – Fondazione Pistoletto.

    Happy Sustainable Christmas!