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  • DI PIERRO renovates its boutique in Taranto

    DI PIERRO renovates its boutique in Taranto

    In September 2022 Di Pierro decided to renovate the boutique in the heart of Taranto, bringing innovation and freshness to the store. The need arose from the desire to give a contemporary and unified image to the store that has more “souls” inserted over time, souls that were visible, but that, according to Lorenzo di Pierro, owner of the boutique, not perfectly aligned with each other.

    The stylistic choice submitted and developed together with the architectural design studio was to create a clean and homogeneous layout, made of neutral shades and continuous surfaces. Metal has been used to create a flexible and adaptable infrastructure for every present and future need with the ability to implement exposure parts or reduce them to the essentials. The implementation of diffuse lighting has given a warmth to the experience of visiting the store highlighting the historical structure, The contrast between clean surfaces and rough surfaces has given new tension to the design of the spaces and the customer’s perception of the product itself.

    For the renovation the boutique turned to the architecture and design studio SMALL of Bari and specifically the project was followed by architects Andrea Paone and Dario Monsellato who deal with retail and horeca interiors and are tracing an interesting path in this sector.