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    Danilo Paura explores the spirit of adaptability in nature, with a collection that is indeed a conversation between fashion and art, in a way that tends to redefine the boundaries between printing techniques and processing on fabrics, between the analog universe and the digital horizon.
    In this adaptive journey, the creative director of the eponymous brand has created a street-luxury collection that brings the substance of tailoring to the street, rather than elevating sportswear or street-style in the direction of luxury.

    Danilo Paura wanted to break down the boundaries between art and fashion, between street style and tailoring, opening the horizon to a path of research in fashion that despite being already in the trends, had never been investigated with such strict respect for both cultures, the more strictly street and its great sartorial counterpart.

    The result is a collection full of suggestions, chromatic references, materials, and design, in a balanced mix that gives life to innovations never overtly displayed.

    The artistic inspiration among Riace bronzes so dear to the Calabrian designer, passing through the art of Mark Rothko, has been transformed into a complex process focused on the structuring of multiple layers of printing, applied on materials such as nylon, silk, linen, and Tencel.

    Each graphic pattern, each print is the result of a skillful process not only of research and archive but also of a procedure in which art and craftsmanship become technique, to serialize what is unique and make exclusive and unmistakable what is serial.

    Emblematic in this sense is the men’s tailored suit with a print inspired by the art of Mark Rothko, made of nylon, with a pattern that is not the result of a mere digitization, but first of all a picture in oil on canvas (3 meters by 3), later scanned and printed on nylon. The result is something much sharper than a print, as in this way the depth and materiality of the brushstroke remain on the fabric.

    The same adaptive approach can be found in the tracksuit trousers, inspired by the acetate tracksuits, but made of silk and linen or in the tie-dye prints, of which Danilo Paura has been the undisputed master for some time now, so much so that they range from silk shirts to sweatshirts and even ties.

    The choice of a location with a substantial symbolic value such as “Les Arcanistes” and the unique project called “Adaptive Studio”- in collaboration with the street artist “Red the New Older” and the studio We Me – finally confirmed the ambitions of a designer who tends to consolidate his brand culture and his heritage.