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  • Bazaar Italia at Vietti and Nugnes

    Bazaar Italia at Vietti and Nugnes

    The important partnership with Bazaar Italia, which began in 2023 with the launch of the magazine on the Italian territory, has continued for 2024, with a calendar of truly special events that began in March 2024 with Vietti in Domodossola and Nugnes in Trani.

    The first event of 2024 was held on March 13 in the Vietti Boutique in Domodossola, a sophisticated reality that mixes the most classic brands with the most emerging ones, satisfying every type of customer. The event, a fancy cocktail party, entertained Vietti’s clients with a photo exhibition of Harper’s Bazaar’s historic covers, set up inside the boutique.

    Bazaar’s itinerant events really make the rounds throughout Italy, from Piedmont to Puglia, specifically in Trani with the March 22 event at Nugnes.

    Nugnes, a famiy business and historical reality, that brings its tradition together with contemporaneity and innovation to the Boutique. The Nugnes Boutique, located inside a marvelous palace “Palazzo Pugliese“, hosted Bazaar Italias event where the magazine’s covers were displayed inside its various rooms, recreating an atmosphere to be discovered.

    Don’t miss the upcoming April events to be held at Al Duca d’Aosta in Padua and Dolci Trame in Siena.