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  • A temporary closure that will allow us to get up stronger

    A temporary closure that will allow us to get up stronger

    When it is said that union is strength: in a situation like that that Italy and the whole world are facing, unity and a sense of belonging will help all of us to get out of this condition. A new challenge must be faced!

    It is no longer just bars and restaurants that remain closed, there is no longer only a limited road network, but even non-essential shops are now closed: we are all fighting the same battle!

    “We are part of a supply chain and just as we are doing everything to think about immediate survival, we must start thinking about the medium-term survival of our system. Evaluating the most suitable solutions, situation by situation. This is the time to be a system: a system that sees brands and merchants united! A system that sees European countries united! A system that no longer sees the company and the merchant, but two entrepreneurs united in the face of a crisis never seen it before! It’s time to show everyone that common work and common sense are worth more than anything else! And that’s why on behalf of all the associates of Camera Buyer Italia – THE BEST SHOPS, we inform you that we will take collective action in this direction in the face of these unpredictable events. Help today, it is the basis for a future restart. If on the contrary you would not consider this system applicable, we are certain differently from us, your vision of the future is very pessimistic, while for us, it is not. We want to continue being there.

    We share the commercial quarantine because responsibility calls and CBI answers. #NOIRESTIAMOACASA #IORESTOACASA #DIVISIMAINSIEME #CAMERABUYERLOVESITALY!

    We are not used to being at home but I think it is the right time to stop for a moment: we have the opportunity to do it only now, as living in a world of frenzy and haste, we can never do it. Following this period of quarantine we will learn to restore value to things, to a hug that was once a simple thing and that now is a luxury. We will learn to enjoy the company of friends and colleagues differently, we will learn to give more value to work and life. “ affirms President Tombolini in a statement sent to his associates and to the national and international fashion network (institutions, press offices, journalists, brands and showrooms).